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Will Bristol Palin Make the Finals on Dancing With the Stars?


Will Bristol Palin make the finals on Dancing With the Stars? Don't count her out, the way she's been improving people have inexplicably been voting.

Week after week, Palin has landed at the bottom of the scoreboard, but week in and week out, a far superior dancer packs his or her bags instead.

With only four couples left, there's a fair chance Bristol the Pistol ends up in the finals. What is it about Sarah Palin's daughter that keeps her on?

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas Photo

'Bristol Palin is somebody I think most of Middle America and regular people can relate to,' judge Carrie Ann Inaba said. 'She's a regular girl with normal problems and normal issues. I think a lot of people look at her and see themselves.'

A lot of people look at the daughter of a major political figure, who's only famous for getting pregnant as a teenager, and see themselves? Eh, we'll buy it.

'I think the Bristol Palin conspiracy phenomenon,' Inaba said. 'I feel like she's very relatable to the average person. She's non-pretentious, very relaxed.'

Will mediocre dance moves and overwhelming fan support carry her into the finale November 23? Who are YOU rooting for on Dancing With the Stars?


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