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Two and a Half Men Crew to Charlie Sheen: Welcome Back!


Charlie Sheen returned to being unfunny on Two and a Half Men this week, and on-set sources said little in the atmosphere was different, despite Sheen's rough night out in NYC a few days ago.

"At first it was kind of awkward because of all the press stuff we’d heard,” a crew member said. “But Charlie just chatted with us and said he was sorry about everything that’s happened and that it wasn’t going to affect us on set... and it honestly hasn’t.”

It hasn't affected viewers, either. They may rail against Tiger Woods and think Jon Gosselin is a dog - but ratings were up 7% for the first episode of this sitcom following Sheen's most recent rampage.

Type Casting
Wine and women? The writers at Two and a Half Men know how to give Charlie Sheen material to which he can relate.

While the actor is clearly a menace when it comes to his personal life, he's able to leave those problems at home (or in a restaurant, or in a hotel room) when work beckons. Another staffer backs that up:

“We’re really happy to be back on set. We love Charlie. That dude is the nicest guy. Seriously, he’s the best to work with.”


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