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Tila Tequila Granted a Restraining Order Against Garry Sun


Tila Tequila has turned the tables on Garry Sun.

Late last week, a judge granted a restraining order for this sad sack of a celebrity blogger against the photographer who accused her of kidnapping his girlfriend, Shyla Jennings.

The legal documents state that Sun must remain 10 yards away from Tequila at all times, which is a hilariously tiny figure. He could totally still toss rocks or something at Tila from that distance.

Tila and Her Cleavage

Following the issuing of this order of protection, Tila told TMZ she's set to file a lawsuit against Sun for 'making such crazy allegations about me.' But there's another twist that casts doubt on the validity of this story:
Jennings says she no clue who Garry Sun is. No way he and Tequila are working together to desperately extend the latter's 15 minutes of fame, right? That just doesn't sound like something Tila would do at all.


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