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Teen Mom Farrah wins custody battle with her late boyfriend’s mother



Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham, 19, is raising her baby daughter Sophia with the help of her very dysfunctional family. Sophia’s father Derek died in a car accident at 18 two months before she was born. Farrah was estranged from Derek at the time, at the advice of both her family and Derek’s family, neither of whom approved of their relationship. She’s dealing with a lot of guilt and pain following Derek’s death, and was shown meeting Derek’s sister for an emotional reunion on the show. It was the first time that she had seen any of Derek’s family since his death, and the first time any of them had met Sophia. Farrah got in touch with Derek’s sister in order to get DNA to prove Sophia’s paternity. She needed to show that Sophia’s father was deceased in order to qualify for Social Security.

I’ve yet to see the last two episodes of Teen Mom this season, (MTV is blocking episode 11 for some reason) but in the first ten there’s no mention of Sophia’s paternal grandmother having any interest in meeting her. Farrah’s mother is abusive and manipulative, and Farrah is a very guarded person who is slow to trust. She’s not the most competent mother, but after you get to know her you understand how she turned out that way and how she’s coping the best she can. Given her history, it makes sense that she never reached out to Derek’s family or considered having them be a part of Sophia’s life.

According to a new report on Hollywood Life, Farrah recently won a court battle with Derek’s mother, Stormie, to block her from earning grandparents visitation rights for Farrah. I bet this will feature heavily in season three, and it sounds pretty interesting. Here’s more:

The nasty court battle between Farrah and Derek’s mother finally came to end Oct. 26 — and Farrah WON!

Stormie Clark, the mother of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham’s late baby daddy Derek, was denied “grandparent’s rights” Oct. 26 in Pottawattamie County Court. In order for a judge to have approved said rights to visitation, Stormie would have needed to prove she has a pre-existing relationship with baby Sophia (which she doesn’t), or that Farrah is unfit to decide who Sophia should or shouldn’t be around (which she is not.)

The situation is simpler than the attached legal jargon makes it sound, but that doesn’t make Sophia’s relationship with Derek’s family any less messy.

[From Hollywood Life]

There’s more about this in an article on OK! from late September. Stormie says that she went to court to try and prevent Farrah from moving away with her granddaughter.

Farrah is very defensive and can be abrasive, but she’s open to people approaching her in a friendly way. She reunited with her mother and accepted help from her after her mother basically attacked her. I wonder if Stormie tried to send Sophia presents or if she sent cards or messages before she went the legal route. Maybe Farrah would have softened to her and let her see Sophia. Derek’s sister brought a photo album of Derek for Sophia when she met her. Derek’s sister told Farrah that Sophia was “all that’s left of Derek,” bringing her to tears. It’s just a sad situation all around and one that’s all the more complicated due to Farrah’s troubled relationship with her mother. No wonder she’s suspicious of Stormie when she’s been abused by her own mom.




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