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The Situation on the cover of Men’s Fitness

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I subscribed to Men’s Fitness through Zinio.com (which offers digital magazines through your computer and iPad) after two droll-inducing covers featuring Rob Lowe, and Charlie Hunnam. Men’s Fitness fails spectacularly for the final issue this year. They’re featuring the king of the shirtless douches, The Situation, on December’s cover. As long as the guy doesn’t open his mouth, he’s passable if you don’t focus on his face. Is that too cruel? I refer you to the Glee girls’ defense of making fun of the boys’ bodies on last week’s episode. Turnabout is fair play, and we know this guy regularly refers to women as “grenades.” If he wasn’t so stuck up his own ass I would find him much more attractive.

The article primarily focuses on The Situation’s diet and exercise tips, including specific ab exercises and lifestyle recommendations. The most interesting part for me were his “8 Fit Rules,” which are actually rather sensible.

The Situations 8 Fit Rules

Eat every few hours. Aim for six small meals per day - three meals and three protein shakes.

Drink tons of water.

Choose lean proteins, fruits and veggies whenever you can.

Get six to eight hours of sleep “Sleep is when your body grows and repairs itself”

Avoid simple carbs and junk calories, includnig condiments like mayo and jelly.

Approach fitness as a long term lifestyle, not an instant transformation. Be dedicated, patient, and work hard for it.

Make working out your No. 1 commitment, because it builds the confidence and discipline you need to succeed in every domain of your life.

Give yourself one “cheat day” per week when you can eat whatever you want and recover from your training.

[From Men's Fitness, December 2010]

It’s common sense and not groundbreaking, but it’s nice to hear semi-legitimate diet advice from a celebrity that doesn’t sound like starvation or a fad. Maybe that’s part of the reason this guy is so successful. That and the fact that he’s able to score loads of chicks despite his permanent douche face. They’re all so mesmerized by those abs.

These photos are courtesy of Men’s Fitness, where there are more in the print edition. They also have exercise guidelines and more tips from Mike. Someone has to be interested.



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