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Robert Downey Jr. Is an Actor, Not a Rehab Expert


You do a few recreational drugs, get arrested, go to rehab, more than the average person in your twenties and thirties and suddenly you become the catch-all for bad behavior in Hollywood. Did someone beat up their wife, get caught with a hooker or expose themselves as a bigoted racist this week? Well Robert Downey Jr. must been able to put it in perspective right?


This week Meredith Viera and David Letterman asked Downey Jr., to shed some light on what was going on with Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen, both while Robert was just trying to promote his buddy comedy 'Due Date' Doesn't it feel like Downey Jr., is former President of the bad boys club and must sanction all future adherents and their actions when making a television appearance?
Downey Jr. was rightfully pissy when Meredith asked Mel.

And even we have to admit that Meredith's transition to Mel was weak when said, "This is a movie about second chances," (Not really) and began questioning Downey Jr., about his own second chance where Mel Gibson helped him get work after years of being unhireable. Downey Jr. just calls Mel a friend and a standup guy and says he always has been. But he was obviously peeved. How can we tell? He took off his sunglasses.

It's just lame to beat the dead horses of Mel and Charlie with Downey Jr. The truth is that Downey Jr. was a bad boy of an entirely different flavor than Gibson and Sheen. Yes, he was self-destructive, but not really violent or even terribly offensive. What is terribly offensive is continuing to plague this now very accomplished (and sober) actor with questions about manchild jerks. Downey Jr., committed most of his mortal sins as a young adult (at least he was under 40). Sheen and Gibson continue to assault our sensibilities well into their middle ages.

Would it be alright to ask Robert Downey Jr. about Lindsay Lohan? That would actually be preferable, since emerging a mess from child stardom is something the actor has some know-how about. The extreme antics of Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen aren't really and never have really been Robert Downey Jr.'s bag.


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