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Kellan Lutz Loves the Twihards!


Seriously, folks, Kellan Lutz loves you. And you. And you. And, yes, you over there.

Asked by YRB magazine about the contingent of supporters known as Twihards, the hunky actor replied:
“I love the fans - the more the merrier, the crazier the better. I really embrace it; I’m a people person, I’m very much an extrovert... it’s all out of love... I get to see new personalities. It’s great.”

On acting versus modeling: “Acting has given me a name so it’s nice to go back into the world of print, which is still photography, which is selling a product frame by frame. It’s really bizarre that - and I’ve encountered this on a couple of different occasions - the world presumes that models are stupid.

The world presumes that models are just pretty people. The truth is, modeling is also a career. Mode
ling is also a tough job, everything that goes into it, just like acting. It’s not all stars and confetti; it’s not all glamorous.”

Lutz willsoon return to the big screen, though. They co-star in A Warrior's Heart, the official poster for which was released this week;

A Warrior's Heart Poster


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