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Jennifer Lopez’s Andrew Gn gown: dated, tragic, ill-fitting or actually pretty?



At first glance, I really liked Jennifer Lopez’s Andrew Gn dress. She wore this to the Latin Grammys, held in Las Vegas yesterday. It’s rather pretty from a distance. And then you see a few close-ups and you realize several things: this sh-t is STUDDED. All over. And the fit is weird - Jennifer tried to pour herself into something slinky, and the material (and the studs) are rather unforgiving, especially around her hips. It looks like the poor studded fabric is about to quit this bitch.

But I will give Jennifer some credit - the styling was subdued, and her aim wasn’t trashy or grandstanding, you know? She was trying to be ladylike and cover up for the most part (except for the boob “window”). Sure, the idea of this dress is kind of dated and 1970s… but I know what she was trying for, and I applaud it. I just think the execution sucks.

Oh, and Marc just needs to stop with the sunglasses. EVERY red carpet. We get it, Marc. You’re “cool”. Your eyes are sensitive. Just pose for photos without the glasses for a minute, then put them back on.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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