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Father of Demi Lovato Makes Like Michael Lohan, Won't Shut Up


Move over, Michael Lohan. You've got competition for the award of Most Exploitive, Attention-Seeking, Self-Centered Father of a Troubled Young Star in Hollywood.

Days after daughter Demi Lovato sought treatment for personal issues and details of her confrontation with a dancer went public, father Patrick spoke to Radar Online and blamed 'pressures' for the mess his daughter finds herself in.

Close-Up of Demi

Disney reps and those close to the singer didn't appreciate public comments from a man who hasn't seen his child in three years, but Patrick went back on the record today, sounding like an even bigger moron and saying:

'This is the United States of America, I can talk anytime I want to.'

Damn right you can, Patrick! Your legal rights are far more pressing here than the privacy of your daughter!
Patrick is quick to say that he doesn't blame Disney for the downfall of Demi, even giving the company props for providing her with bodyguards. But he adds:

'It's just the industry itself.... it's the whole industry... the pressures and the time element that you have to put forward. It's those types of things that go along with what you chose and you can't blame Disney for that.'

True. But you can maybe blame a father who seemingly cares more about making headlines than doing what's best for his family.


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