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Exclusive Brandi Glanville Cibrian interview: she’s talking to LeAnn & Eddie soon


Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Cibrian reached out to us and we were able to confirm that it was her through Facebook. She took the time to answer some of our questions and was open and gracious with us. I would encourage everyone to watch Brandi’s interview last week on The Talk. If you’re in the US you can view it online here. She came across very well, and she took responsibility for her DUI and explained how it happened. She also said on The Talk that she doesn’t have a home phone number for Eddie and LeAnn and had to resort to contacting LeAnn through Twitter, which she called “silly.” Brandi clarified that for us, and let us know that she does have a cell phone number for Eddie but that she doesn’t talk to him directly. She also confirmed that she’s sitting down with LeAnn, Eddie and a mediator to discuss custody issues next week. Overall she sounds like she’s handling a very public divorce with grace and a sense of humor. Here’s what she told us.

LeAnn has a new song called “Crazy Women” that actually sounds sympathetic to women who are cheated on. Do you find this song ironic at all given your situation?

I don’t listen to her music and have no plans to start, but nothing she does surprises me.

Did you see Eddie and LeAnn’s recent televised interview and would you care to comment on it?

I saw the interview, it wasn’t anything different than what I see and hear on the soccer field- no biggie, sooo over them all I care about is my kids

How many days does Eddie get with your boys each week/month?

Eddie and I share 50 50 custody

Are you and Eddie on speaking terms about your boys and do you discuss important information?

Eddie and I generally don’t speak, I reach him through his assistant, or sometimes a text message

I recently read a blind item in Star Magazine about a TV star who had his cellphone number changed at the insistence of his new girlfriend, complicating things with the mother of his children. Is that possibly about Eddie?

Eddie hasn’t changed his number since I made him do it a year and half ago so that LeAnn couldn’t bother him any more - joke’s on me!

Are you concerned that Eddie would ever try and use your DUI against you in regards to custody and visitation?

My DUI didn’t fall on my custodial day, my children were never in any danger because they were not in my care. He could not legally use it against me (trust me I checked).

Does the sheer volume of LeAnn’s tweets ever amuse you?

I don’t follow LeAnn on Twitter. I’d never have a second to get anything done if I did, from what I hear.

Do you and Eddie now have a rule that if one of your sons ever has to go to the emergency room, both parents should be notified immediately?

It has always been in our divorce agreement that either parent notify the other in case of medical [issues]. The problem is that no one polices divorce agreements and it would cost thousands to do it myself.

From what I understand, LeAnn recently tweeted that the three of you should sit down and talk through your issues. Do you think this will happen? Has it already happened?

It was my idea to sit down and talk with them about what is ok for my kids. We are sitting down with a middle man next week.

[From Brandi Glanville Cibrian received via e-mail, with minor edits for text speak]

Brandi also told us that she reads Celebitchy and appreciates how sarcastic and honest we are. (We aren’t always on her side and we did rip on her following her DUI.)

Brandi has spoken her piece, and she could be rallying against how ridiculous LeAnn and Eddie are acting, but she’s not and is focusing on what’s best for her kids. If I had an ex who was carrying on with a fool like LeAnn and my children were involved I can’t say I’d be as calm about the whole thing. We’ll have to see if Brandi makes any progress with her ex next week. There’s obviously still a lot she has to deal with.

Brandi is shown on 8/13/10 and 10/11/10. Credit: PRPhotos

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Cibrian


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