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Code Red: Lindsay Lohan is on the loose, crack hustle underway



CODE RED. Lindsay Lohan is on the loose. These are photos of Lindsay out and about today and yesterday in Rancho Mirage, California, where it seems like she can come and go as she pleases from her “Sober House”. As I say again and again, this bitch needs to be on lockdown. It’s inconceivable to me that someone who is in court-ordered rehab gets to wander around California, swinging her arms like she doesn’t have a crack-care in the world. Now - here’s what I understand about Sober Houses - they’re affiliated with rehab, and they’re a way for crackheads (and other addicts/alcoholics) to re-enter the world sober, but in a safe environment, correct? Here’s my question about Sober Houses: do they still do drug testing to ensure that their barely “sober” charges aren’t back to their old shenanigans? Because Lindsay’s face still has the hint of “crackie” to me. And I don’t trust her. Neither should anyone else. Even if she’s clean now, she’s still a f-cking cracked-out hustler. You can tell by that smirk. She’s working some angle.

Also notable: LINDSAY’S LIPS. They’re back to normal, y’all! Sort of. They’re just not as painfully inflated as before. Hurray?




Photos courtesy of Fame.


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