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Channing Tatum in talks to star in 21 Jump Street movie with Jonah Hill

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Remember 21 Jump Street, that late 80s hot cop show starring Johnny Depp? It aired when I was in high school and I only watched it occasionally despite all the eye candy. It featured Depp, Peter DeLuise, Holly Robinson and Dustin Nguyen as undercover narcotics agents who would infiltrate high schools. (You can still watch it on Hulu if you’re in the US. I tried to watch an episode and it just seemed so dated to me.) We’ve heard for some time that there’s a 21 Jump Street film coming with Jonah Hill attached. Now there’s news that beefcake Channing Tatum is in talks to co-star. This could be good:

johnny-depp-21-jump-street2EXCLUSIVE: Channing Tatum has jumped to the top of the list for the lead of Sony Pictures’s 21 Jump Street. I’m told that Tatum will soon be in negotiations to star alongside Jonah Hill. Production will begin in the spring. Based on the 1987 Stephen J. Cannell series that was one of the Fox Network’s early successes and launched Johnny Depp, the movie was scripted by Michael Bacall based on a story he hatched with Hill. The film will be directed by Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs helmers Phil Lord and Chris Miller. I’m told that the studio has met with a bunch of potential leading men and that Tatum and Hill matched up well. Both look youthful, which helps since the film is about undercover officers who infiltrate schools to fight crime. UTA-repped Tatum’s creating some pre-release buzz for his comic turn as the other man in the Ron Howard-directed The Dilemma, which Universal released on January 14. He’ll follow in a dramatic turn as a Roman soldier trying to reclaim his family honor in the Kevin Macdonald-directed The Eagle for Focus Features.

[From Deadline Hollywood]

Just last week I watched Dear John and was practically swooning over how gorgeous Channing is. With him and Amanda Seyfried on screen together it’s like there was too much prettiness to bear. He’s a decent actor and I’d love to see him do comedy. It’s hard to tell whether this film will hit the mark, but since I’m not attached to the series I’m not worried that they won’t do it justice. It could be a fun reboot and I’d love to see more of Tatum. We might also get a Johnny Depp cameo as well - Depp told MTV last year that he would “absolutely” do a cameo and that it would be “hilarious.”

Here are a bunch of shirtless pictures of Channing in Italy with his new wife Jenna Dewan on 7/16/10. He’s also shown in the header on 8/10/10. Jonah Hill is shown out with his girlfriend Jordan Klein on 9/2/10. Credit: Fame Pictures. Inset image via Pynk Celebrity






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