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Source: Paris Hilton Totally Wears the Pants in Relationship with Doug Reinhardt

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Color us astonished at this breaking news.
When it comes to her current, loving relationship, Paris Hilton's friend and former partying pal says the socialite is 'in charge' of boyfriend Doug Reinhardt.
'I've never met Doug, but I can tell you that she definitely wears the pants!' says Richie Rich, who apparently is a real person, at The Runaways premiere.
Who would have guessed Paris Hilton ever wore any pants?
'She calls the shots,' Rich said. 'I hope he's good to her.'
Douglas and Paris
Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt have either managed to stay out of the press for the past few months, or the press has not been that interested. Either way, they lay low.
The couple has been dating on-and-off for a year, and marriage rumors seem to follow them constantly. On that note, Rich seems to want them to wed.
'A huge, classical, theatric sort of wedding!' the designer said, salivating at the prospect of a Paris Hilton wedding. 'She has great style and great taste.'
Last April, she declared that she would wed the former Hills star sometime, saying: 'He's going to be my husband ... I'm really in love and really happy.'
Truly, you know that it is just a matter of time until he becomes Mr. Paris Hilton. First he needs to stop getting in trouble for trashing houses, though.

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