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Tiger Woods: ‘I was living a lie,’ ‘didn’t know it was that bad’


Tiger Woods: ‘I was living a lie,’ ‘didn’t know it was that bad’: "

Tiger Woods has done two interviews, his first since the scandal, in which he attempts to mend his battered image after what was the biggest sex scandal of 2009. The interviews, with The Golf Channel and ESPN, were likely planned out ahead of time to precede his return to golf in The Masters, which start today. They also serve to distract from some pretty raunchy sex texts from Tiger that were just released from one of his porn star mistresses, Joslyn James. (As many of you have pointed out, it’s not that Tiger was being freaky - what happens between two consenting adults is their own business - it’s that he did these things with multiple other women who were not his wife while presenting a wholesome image for sponsorship purposes.)

Many of you will roll your eyes at me, but I think Tiger has gone through a lot of soul searching and therapy, and that he’s taken some of it to heart. He seemed believable to me while he described how he was living a lie and in denial about it. The guy looked genuinely sad and remorseful, and I doubt he’s that good of an actor. I don’t know if it’s enough to save his marriage, but ultimately that’s between him and Elin. (Although of course we’d like to hear the details.) The guy did some unforgivable things, and saying he’s sorry and was in denial doesn’t explain months if not years of banging every random woman he could line up to meet him on tour.

In contrast to his televised apology, I didn’t get a lot of anger from him, just sadness. (He did shake his head “no” while saying he hurt people, but I’ll wait for Eyes For Lies’ assessment to see if she thinks he’s being arrogant about it. She did find his initial apology sincere.)

Here are some of the highlights, thanks to People, which has more. Radar Online has also put together a transcript of Tiger’s Golf Channel interview. You can watch the Golf Channel interview on their website, although it wasn’t loading for me when I tried. (I’m on a slower connection.)

Tiger Woods granted his first interview since his November car crash – and subsequent sex scandal – admitting that he has “done some pretty bad things” in [his] life and that he was “a little nervous” about his upcoming return to professional golf in April.

“I was living a life of a lie, I really was,” a sober-sounding Woods told ESPN at Isleworth, a golf club near his Windermere, Fla., home. The five-minute interview aired Sunday night during SportsCenter. He also gave five minutes to the Golf Channel.

“Stripping away denial and rationalization you start coming to the truth of who you really are and that can be very ugly,” he said.

Part of the recovery process was acknowledging his indiscretions both to his family and to the public. On Feb. 19, Woods appeared at press conference during which he apologized for his behavior during a 13-minute speech. “My real apology will not come in the form of words, but my behavior over time,” he said at the time.

During Sunday’s interview, the golfer said making that public statement has ultimately given him strength. “When you face it and you start conquering it and you start living up to it, the strength that I feel now, I’ve never felt that type of strength,” Woods said.

The Low Points

Apologizing to his wife Elin and mother Kultida about his multiple affairs was one of the “low points” for Woods.

“I hurt them the most,” he said Sunday. “Those are the two people in my life who I’m closest to – and to say the things that I’ve done truthfully to them was very painful.”

As for Elin’s reaction, Woods said, “She was hurt. Very hurt. Shocked and angry – and she had every right to be.”

Woods also confirmed that he sought treatment at a clinic from Dec. 31 through Feb. 11, and that he underwent family counseling for a week in following his public statement in February. He did not, however, specify the type of treatment he was receiving.

“It was really tough to look at yourself in a light you never want to look at yourself,” Woods said. “That’s pretty brutal.”

[From People]

Interestingly, Tiger wouldn’t disclose the details of his accident on the day after Thanksgiving, just saying “it’s all in the police report. Beyond that, everything’s between Elin and myself and that’s private.” When pressed as to why he lost control of the car, he again said “that’s between Elin and myself.” He also described how he had hurt Elin, and how much he loved her despite everything he did. On why he married Elin he explained “Because I loved her. I loved Elin with everything I have. And that’s something that makes me feel even worse, that I did this to someone I loved that much.”

Love and a lot of therapy and regret may not be enough to save Tiger’s marriage. Things have taken a turn for the worse, according to Radar Online. I’ve heard that relationships can be a rollercoaster after one of the parties commits infidelity, and from the stories we’ve been hearing about these two that’s probably the case. Elin is said to be annoyed that Tiger is returning to golf so soon, and she headed to Tiger’s yacht in Palm Beach with the kids over the weekend. Did she get wind of the sex texts that James just released?

Tiger Woods delivers remarks to the news media.

Tiger Woods apologizes for irresponsible and selfish behavior in Florida


The Power of Madonna: Coming to Glee


Later this spring, the Glee cast will honor Madonna with an episode based around Material Girl singles.
To milk that unique installment as much as it can, the show will subsequently release a CD - on April 20, titled 'Glee: The Music, The Power of Madonna' - comprised of these songs. Sung by Glee's actors and actress, they'll be:

  1. Express Yourself
  2. Borderline/Open Your Heart
  3. Vogue
  4. Like A Virgin
  5. 4 Minutes
  6. What It Feels Like For A Girl
  7. Like A Prayer
The Power of Madonna CD

Tina Fey: the thinking man & the dumb man both want Jessica Simpson

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Tina Fey, American comedienne, poses for pictures while attending the 19th annual Bunny Hop event

I have the motherload of Tina Fey interviews today, but don’t expect some kind of Sparkles-esque “I’m terrified of vaginas” type soundbyte. Tina doesn’t roll like that. She’s promoting her role in Date Night, which costars Steve Carell, and comes out this weekend, and she’s already done a cover interview in Esquire, a cover interview with Carell for Entertainment Weekly, and a big interview in The Daily Mail. There are just a few more quotes from the Esquire piece that I wanted to share. Regarding a possible Liz Lemon-Jack Donaghy hookup on 30 Rock, Tina says it’s not going to happen: “Okay, if we get to season 15, they’ll do it.” She also talked about her fondness for f-bombs, saying: “I really love cursing a lot… But as I get older, I realize it’s a little unseemly for women of a certain age. But once you pass 65, you can hit it full tilt again and it’s charming.” And she gives sage advice to young women embarking on a boob-exposing spring break: “They’re your boobs. At least have the sense to film it yourself and get the money from it.”

Next up, The Daily Mail’s piece. There’s lots of background about Fey, which is kind of boring (and if you’re a fan, you probably know it anyway). If you want to read the whole piece, go here. These are some of the highlights:

On being “indebted” to Sarah Palin: ‘You can grow up wanting to make movies or wanting to appear on SNL, but I don’t think anyone sits there dreaming, “Well, I hope there’s a politician out there who looks just like me so I can do impersonations of her!” It was weird because so much of what I’ve done has come out of sheer doggedness, and then this fell into my lap. It put me on the map with people who hadn’t seen 30 Rock or SNL, so what can I say? I’m indebted to her!’

On meeting Palin: ‘She was very pleasant,’ says Tina. ‘We talked about our kids and school, and her hair person helped our hair person alter my wig to make it look more accurate, and she also gave us tips on finding the right lipstick. She’s incredibly telegenic and likable, and she’s now beginning a successful career as a television commentator, so I think she’s doing OK.’

Did she hear from Obama? ‘No, I’ve not heard from him yet, and it’s not my place to talk politically. I speak only through sketch comedy, thankfully.’

On being boring: ‘My daily life consists of going to work or being at home,’ she says, ‘so when I do interviews I always forget to muster up some kind of personality. Two hours from now, I’ll be going, “I really should have tried to jazz that up a little.”’

On being a sex symbol: ‘I cannot do my hair, I cannot do my make-up, and anyone who knows me will tell you I’m the most bedraggled person they have ever seen,’ she says forlornly. ‘I have such a lack of skill in the womanly arts, it’s embarrassing. Well, let’s be honest – the thinking man wants to sleep with the same lady the dumb man does. They all want Jessica Simpson! But I’ll take those compliments for as long as I can because they won’t last for ever. I’ll save all the cuttings so that some day I can look through them.’

On her looks: ‘I’m glad I live in New York, because I think Hollywood would be tough. I mean, I go to the awards ceremonies and even though I’m not big [actually, she’s tiny] I’ll still be the heaviest person there. But that’s OK. My looks aren’t what I bring to the table.’

Tina on her husband, Jeff Richmond: He‘s ‘a Dudley Moore type, shorter than I am, with a very handsome face’, and says that ‘his kindness and his sense of humour were probably the main things that attracted me. I met him when I was 24 and we’ve been together ever since. I went on so few dates in my life before I was married – and certainly none as catastrophic as the one in Date Night – but it was kind of love at first sight for my husband and me. ‘It was very easy and affectionate from the beginning, and there was none of that no-calling-back or game-playing. We didn’t get married until I was 31, but we knew early on that it was something we wanted to do; it was just a matter of us living in the same city again. Jeff was in Chicago and I’d moved to New York [for SNL], but there was never any question about us being together: I was very lucky in that sense.’

On Lindsay Lohan, on her daughter, Alice, and whether she would encourage Alice to be an actress: ‘Knowing [Alice], I can’t imagine her doing anything else. She’s much more outgoing than I ever was as a child – I think she takes after my husband in that sense,’ she smiles. Would she discourage Alice from getting into the acting business at a young age, particularly given the downward spiral that Lindsay Lohan subsequently embarked upon? ‘Lindsay was 17 when she did [Mean Girls] and she was brilliant. But to have success and money at that age has got to be overwhelming. No one tells you “No”, and I definitely wouldn’t want that for my child. I’d try to make her do theatre first because you learn a real work ethic there, and we’d certainly try and make her wait until she’s done school. But Lindsay was a lovely girl,’ she adds, ‘very smart and very funny – and I hold out hope that we’ll see some really good work from her again.’

[From The Daily Mail]

And lastly, some selected quotes from Tina’s joint interview in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, with Steve Carell. It included their discussion of whether Liz Lemon and Michael Scott might actually be perfect for each other, and whether there will ever be a cross-over Office/30 Rock show:

Tina Fey on Steve Carell at Second City: Seventeen years ago she saw him at Second City, and she thought he was one of the “gods of improv”. She admits: “This whole time, it’s been very difficult for me to look directly at Steve or even approach him.”

Tina on wanting to do the film, and the story of Date Night: “[Steve and I] are both married, have been with our spouses for a long time, and have kids. I liked the idea of playing grown people out on this adventure. I definitely relate to the small details of the script, just how worn out and in a rut you can get when you’re married and working, with the kids.”

On doing on epically long kiss with Steve Carell: “I pitched [the idea]. Wouldn’t it be funny is the kiss was as long as the credit sequence? It was fun because we’re both so polite and not only are we both married, but we know each other’s spouses. It was the world’s longest closed-mouth kidd. It was like a tongueless turtle mouth.”

Tina on her “date nights” with her husband: “We don’t have scheduled ones, but it usually involves eating dinner at 11 o’clock at night within an eight block radius of my apartment. I don’t ever want to go out until I put my daughter to bed. And she seems like she knows it and she’ll drag it out! Then God forbid you need to take a shower before you go out. It’s gonna be 11:30.”

On the grueling schedule of network television: “TV is kind of grueling, but the writer-driven nature of it definitely appeals to me. I think the dream is the BBC, AMC model, where you can make 13 episodes a year. Then you can really get them exactly where you want them - and not have everyone be physically ill by the end of it. Obviously, there are worse and harder jobs in the world. It’s not coal-mining.”

What would happen is 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon and The Office’s Michael Scott when on a date?

Fey: Oh, Liz Lemon would f-ck it up. Michael Scott would probably be very open, but Liz would be sour and judgmental and she’d blow it.

Carell: Blow it? With Michael? I don’t think there’s anyway she would agree to go out with Michael Scott unless she had been tricked into it. I don’t think you go from Jon Hamm to Michael Scott. Michael should be so lucky.

Fey: We should just say, ‘That’s the series finale this year!’

Carell: “We’re planning a little cross-pollination. There’s a tornado, and we have to huddle between New York and Scranton.” No way.

Fey: It would be so bad. It’s not gonna happen.

[From Entertainment Weekly, print edition]

So, no cross-over shows, no Michael and Liz. Too bad. It probably would be a bad idea, but I wouldn’t hate the idea of Carell coming to guest star on 30 Rock as a completely new character. I love the men Fey gets on 30 Rock. They’re always nerdy/hot dream men, like Jon Hamm acting weird, or Jason Sudekis, or James Franco, or Liz’s current man (not really) Michael Sheen (who I love!). Carell would totally fit in there.

The Society Of MSKCC Hosts The 19th Annual Bunny Hop

Tina Fey, American comedienne, poses for pictures while attending the 19th annual Bunny Hop event

Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher finally marry after 8 years together

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It finally happened! Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher were finally married in Paris over the weekend after a six-year engagement! Let me repeat: six-year engagement! And they were together for 2 years before that. That’s a total of eight years together! I didn’t think he was ever going to marry her. He made her convert to Judaism (or his mother made her convert, and Sacha‘s such a mama‘s boy that he does what mommy tells him), they had a daughter together (Olive, who is 2 years old), and he was still keeping Isla waiting. Apparently, their wedding ceremony was very low-key, and very few people were invited, but they notified their friends via e-mail. What the hell?

Borat punkster Sacha Baron Cohen and his fiancé Isla Fisher have married in an intimate Paris ceremony.

British comedian Sacha, 38, wed the Australian actress in a small Jewish ceremony last Monday, according to Aussie magazine Woman’s Day.

Isla, 34, confirmed the good news in an email to friends: “We did it — we’re married! It was the absolute best day of my life and in so many beautiful moments I missed you all so much. I thought of you as everything was happening, but Sacha and I wanted no fuss — just us!”

Sacha and Isla, who have a two-year-old daughter, Olive, have been engaged for six years. They met at a party in Sydney in 2002.

[From OK! Magazine]

Well, congratulations to Sacha and Isla. More to Isla, because she finally at long last got that sh-t nailed down, and this is obviously a man who needs a woman with a lot of patience. Well, he got her! Am I being too harsh? Obviously, they love each other and support each other, and I think they probably had other priorities, especially after Isla gave birth to Olive. And yet… Isla comes across as a girl who likes “tradition” and I’ve always suspected she wanted to be married before she gave birth. It doesn’t really matter to me, I’m saying it mattered to her. But obviously, other things mattered a lot more to Sacha (and his mom). Well, she converted and now everything’s settled. Mazel Tov!

Sacha and Isla at various events in 2007. Credit: WENN.

Report: Dr. Conrad Murray Failed to Mention Propofol


One minor point may have been omitted from Dr. Conrad Murray's initial statements about treating Michael Jackson: That he administered Propofol to the singer.

Propofol, of course, is likely what did Michael in. Details.

A paramedic report in the Jackson case, published by News of the World, reportedly says Dr. Murray withheld that fact from the EMTs on the fateful June day.

The report also states that paramedics felt Jackson was Michael dead when they got to the star's home but he demanded the icon be rushed to the hospital.

As the highest ranking medical professional present, his wish was granted. But did Dr. Conrad Murray request this only as a way to get himself off the hook?
Dr. Conrad Murray PhotoBad Credit
Dr. Conrad Murray's treatment of Michael Jackson was questionable at best, criminal at worst. Officials continue to probe what the star's personal physician did June 25.

Jackson had reportedly flatlined by the time paramedics arrived at the house, and he had no blood pressure, pulse or breath. His pupils were also dilated.

According to the report, Dr. Murray told paramedics Jackson was exhausted because he couldn't fall asleep and he had given Michael Lorazepam, a sedative.

Omitting that he gave Jackson Propofol is no doubt something paramedics should have known about and will almost certainly be used by prosecutors at trial.

The Michael Jackson death timeline and conflicting statements from Murray, who faces involuntary manslaughter charges, should form the crux of their case.

Caption Contest Winner: March 18

Last week, THG readers were given the challenge of writing the best caption for this great picture of Robert Pattinson posing with an adoring fan.

Your winner for this edition of our Caption Contest is Aliana. Hopefully she's not Lindsay's sister, but either way, the winning entry appears below.

Congratulations! The winning caption appears below. Honorable mentions: DAhere, bamb and Penny. Follow the above link for all the entries.

Thank you to everyone for playing and good luck next time!
Robert Pattinson Fan
(she) OMG He is so hot....
(he) OMG I'm so hot....

Angelina Jolie is actually attracted to Vanessa Paradis, not Johnny Depp

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Hey, does everyone remember how all of the tabloids were like, “Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are going to have dirty sex, and Vanessa Paradis better watch her back, and Brad Pitt is jealous, and everyone will cry and laugh, because it will be all Angelina’s fault, because she’s the devil”? Remember? Yeah. Well, the National Enquirer has a scoop, and it’s a much better story than we were expecting. Apparently, Depp isn’t really Angelina’s type. She’s way more into Vanessa Paradis! This is good sh-t! Yes, Angelina is hot for Vanessa, because Vanessa is, in Angelina’s mind (as translated by a “source”), just like the French version of herself: “She sees a lot of herself in Vanessa - the irreverent, sultry sexiness that comes from someone who doesn’t have to try too hard.” That’s laying it on a bit thick, for both women. But whatever. Oh, Angelina also likes Vanessa because Angelina is total Francophile. That I’ll buy:

Angelina Jolie has the hots for Johnny Depp’s super sexy girlfriend, sources tell the Enquirer. Johnny’s longtime love Vanessa Paradis exploded in a fury when she learned that Johnny and Angelina would be filming the movie The Tourist together in Italy and France. Well aware of Angelina’s history with leading men, Vanessa was terrified that Angelina would set her sights on Johnny.

But Vanessa’s fears were WAY off base, says a close source. Angelina, who has admitted to being bisexual, is far more attracted to the flame-haired Vanessa than her beau.

“Angelina laughed when she read the reports about her supposedly having a crush on Johnny… she pointed out that while there’s no doubt he’s a good looking guy, there’s nothing especially exciting about him - and she thinks his girlfriend is way hotter. Ever since Angie first saw magazine photos of Vanessa, she has wanted to meet her.”

Aside from being a knockout and one of France’s sex symbols, 37-year-old Vanessa has one thing going for her that makes her irresistible to Angelina, say insiders. She’s French!

Angelina loves everything French. She speaks the language and is teaching it to her kids and she and Brad live part time in a $60 million chateau in the South of France.

“Angie loves Vanessa’s natural beauty, and has always talks about how lucky Johnny is to have landed her,” said another insider. “She sees a lot of herself in Vanessa - the irreverent, sultry sexiness that comes from someone who doesn’t have to try too hard.”

Another source reiterates: “Vanessa has absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of Angelina and Johnny… the fact is that if Angelina was unattached, which of course she’s not, she’d much prefer to be with a woman than a guy. Angie has always been attracted to girls and has made no secret about this. So Vanessa would be a far more likely choice for her than Johnny.”

[From National Enquirer, print edition, March 30]

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I doubt Brad or Johnny would really mind having their ladies get together for a nooner in Venice. Well… I suspect Brad wouldn’t mind, I don’t know Johnny’s opinions about girl-on-girl action, or nooners for that matter. I also have to give credit to whoever came up with this angle - it’s pretty smart, and it’s a great deflection of the “John-gelina: The Torrid Affair Waiting To Happen” stories. And it’s even plausible, always a plus!

By the way, here are some photos of Angelina and Brad leaving Johnny’s house in Venice. Do you think Vanessa was there? Do you think Vanessa and Angelina lingered in the kitchen, flirting? Probably not. Shiloh and Zahara were there too.



Angelina, Brad and the kids in Venice on March 21, 2010. Credit: INFphoto.com. Vanessa Paradis at the Chanel show on February 9, 2010. Credit: ANG/Fame.


Hayden Panettiere ‘drunken mess,’ ’sobbing uncontrollably’ at party


18th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Oscar Viewing Party - Arrivals

This week’s National Enquirer has a story about how Hayden Panttiere was drunk and crying on top of a pool table at a small party earlier this month. Her friends helped her out and made sure she got home safely. The Enquirer is unsure why Hayden would have been so upset, but I bet it had something to do with a certain heavyweight champion of the world, who may have called time on the relationship so he could focus on defending his title. (Which he did with ease over the weekend.)

Hayden Panettiere suffered a meltdown at a recent bash, drunkenly climbing on top of a pool table and breaking down in tears, according to eyewitnesses.

The 20-year-old “Heroes” star “turned into an out-of-control party animal” at the home of Dole Food Company heir Justin Murdock, a fellow partygoer told the Enquirer.

“Hayden was the party guest from hell!” added the source. “She was a complete drunken mess!”

More than a dozen guests, including socialite Nick Hilton and Topher Grace of “That ’70s Show,” attended the March 6 bash hosted by Justin, 37…

“Hayden was sobbing uncontrollably on her hands and knees on top of the pool table with her boobs hanging out of her dress,” said the eyewitness.

“Her girlfriends tried to help her down and pull up her top, but she kept pushing them away.

“Everyone was shocked at how drunk Hayden got.”

A friend finally talked Hayden down from the pool table and made sure she got home safely, said the source. It was unclear why she was so upset.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, March 29, 2010]

I’m betting it was all about that hot brick sh*thouse of a man she’s been escorting all around town. She looks like she’s been hitting the town single since around the beginning of March, as I can’t find Klitschko in any photos with her post mid-February. (Plus she was seen out with an ex in early March.) I generally find Hayden insufferable, but I kind of feel for her in this case. She’s only 20, and she could have been hung up on a guy, only to find her heart broken. Still, Hayden is such a snot that she can go to a party with less than 15-20 people and end up having someone blab about how she was wasted and crying on top of a pool table. She’s surely pissed off enough people to earn some back-biting gossip.

Vanity Fair And Brioni Host Artists For Peace And Justice

Vanity Fair And Brioni Host Artists For Peace And Justice

Jesse James & ‘Bombshell’ watched Sandra Bullock on MTV Movie Awards

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Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James has been alleged by an American magazine to be having a relationship with this Tattoo model Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee

I had a chance to read the whole tell-all In Touch interview with Jesse James’ heavily tattooed racist mistress and they did a decent job of making an incredibly trashy low life stripper look like an average woman duped into a relationship with a married man. Maybe that was part of whatever deal Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee signed with the rag - $30k, free publicity, and a sense of decency where none existed.

Most of the jaw-dropping details are already out - James cheated on America’s sweetheart with a woman who worked as a stripper, dominatrix, webcam girl and tattoo ‘model’ and he didn’t just hit it and quit it. He had some sort of romantic relationship with the sleeze that lasted several weeks. One detail in the print article that I hadn’t yet heard was that James and McGee watched the MTV Movie Awards together - which featured James’ gorgeous movie star wife, Sandra Bullock. McGee used this as evidence of the fact that Bullock and James were separated, but it was just as likely that he wanted to make sure he didn’t miss her appearance, as ironic as that sounds.

While Sandra never came up in conversation, Michelle was with Jesse the night of the MTV Movie Awards, which Sandra attended alone. “In my mind, the reason he wasn’t there was because they were separated, says Michelle, adding that they watched her on TV together. After the show, Jesse and Michelle slept together.

Though they always met in secret, and always at West Coast Choppers, Michelle didn’t realize Jesse was still married until a tattoo convention at The Queen Mary on June 7. There to meet her for sex, Jesse showed up at Michelle’s hotel room at little earlier than they’d planned and ran into Michelle’s pals Wendy Kay and her husband, who were mutual friends of his. “It was awkward,” Wendy tells In Touch. “He knew he was caught.”

[From In Touch, print edition, March 29, 2010]

Meanwhile there’s more about James and how he’s coping in the aftermath of the scandal, as if anyone cares. He’s been seen out wearing his wedding ring, and was back to work at West Coast Choppers on Saturday. People quotes a source that says “He seems very upset but also very happy to be back at work.”

Of course there’s also more news about nasty piece of work Michelle, who was pictured in photos wearing a Nazi swastika and brandishing weapons last week. TMZ and Radar report that there are photos for sale that feature Michelle James wearing the same hat as Michelle in the pictorial and doing a Nazi salute. (Update: There are photos of James making a Nazi salute, which is obviously much more damning. I read the article wrong and assumed the photos were of Michelle. The sh*t is really going to hit the fan when those pictures come out.) Michelle also has a “w” and “p” tattooed on each leg, which her ex boyfriend claims in a custody suit stands for “white power.” She claims it’s for “wet p*ssy.” Michelle’s ex just filed for full custody Friday of their five year-old son, Avery, and in court papers claims Michelle is bipolar, refuses to take her medication and has a home that features “coffins in the living room and child block magnets on the refrigerator that spell out ‘White Power.’” This woman also has an older son, Elijah, who is Jewish! I hope the kid doesn’t live with her.

Michelle works as a stripper, and TMZ and Radar Online have videos of her plying her wares. I didn’t think it would be possible, but she looks even trashier on video. James didn’t use condoms with this creature, either.

Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James keeps his daughter Sunny from looking at photographers while dropping her at school

Jesse James Wedding Band Is Still On?

18th Annual MTV Movie Awards - Show

18th Annual MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

Rosie O’Donnell plots return to daytime TV


Rosie O' Donnell seen leaving Good Morning America in NYC after a guest appearance looking all smiles

Rosie O’Donnell is reportedly planning a return to daytime TV that will coincide with Oprah’s exit in 2011. She’s working with two executives that were responsible for her popular talk show, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, which aired from 1996 to 2002. The show will be independently produced, and while her last show was a hit there’s a question as to whether this one will even get picked up. Rosie was generally difficult to deal with and caused a lot of controversy in the past few years, particularly with her stint on The View and abrupt exit. Plus her Thanksgiving variety special in 2008 was just awful and tanked in the ratings. If she’s planning something similar, she should let someone else produce and write it.

Rosie O’Donnell’s new domestic TV syndication deal reunites with her two old pals from past lives.

Rosie’s gone into business with Scott Carlin, former head of HBO Domestic Distribution, and Dick Robertson, ex head of Warner syndication. More than a decade ago, Carlin worked with Robertson at Warner TV.

These two are powerhouses. Carlin at HBO was responsible for the sale of “The Sopranos” to A&E, and for the sale of “clean” episodes of “Sex and the City” to stations everywhere.

For Rosie, reuniting with this pair means the promise of big deals as they look to replace Oprah Winfrey in the afternoon slot she’s leaving come 2011. If Rosie returns to a live-feel show from New York, expect big things, too.

One thing she won’t do: put her Sirius radio show on TV. If Rosie’s back, it’s going to be big: Broadway performances, all her friends, and lots of laughs.

[From Fox 411]

I watched Rosie’s show quite a bit back when it aired and she was genuinely funny and friendly with a kind of infectious enthusiasm. The thing is, she’s changed a lot since that time and has become a much more combative and politically charged person. She’s not at all like Ellen, who does bring up issues important to her on the show but presents them in a more positive way. I just don’t think Rosie can bring back her old format because she’s a much grumpier person. Maybe her new romance has helped her tone it down a bit, but I doubt that she’s going to be successful with this venture.

Rosie O' Donnell seen leaving Good Morning America in NYC after a guest appearance looking all smiles

2010 Winter TCA Tour - Day 6

Jennifer Love Hewitt got a cute post-split haircut, is she depressed?



Here is Jennifer Love Hewitt showing off a new haircut, which she likely got immediately post-split from Jamie Kennedy. I really like the cut - I had my hair like this ten years ago, the only time I’ve ever had it short. It compliments Love’s face. The cut didn’t do that to mine. Sigh… I love my long hair.

Meanwhile, the tabloids are still pouring over Love’s breakup, and they’ve found who to blame: Jennifer Love. According to Life & Style’s sources, “There’s a pattern here… Jennifer’s relationships start out great, then she becomes jealous and insecure.” Apparently, Love was constantly checking on Jamie, to the point of going through his caller ID and his messages. A source says: “Jennifer will even call ex-girlfriends of the guys she’s dating.” Which seems weird until other sources chimed in with the idea that Jamie might have actually been cheating. Apparently, he “spent a little too much time with an ex-girlfriend” which is an allegation we’ve heard before, and one which Kennedy denied. Do I believe his denial? Meh. The Enquirer follows a similar thread, with other sources claiming that Love was obsessed with knowing where Jamie was at all times, and while Jamie was happy to be on a “short leash” at first, he soon grew “depressed” because of the emotional claustrophobia.

Star Magazine is taking a (not so) different tact, claiming that Jennifer was too self-centered to make a relationship work. Their sources claim: “With Jennifer, it’s all about her and her career. She wanted a guy who was focused on her… she wanted him to give up his comedy act. He was a comedian first and love it, but she didn’t like that it took him away a lot and that there were always groupies hanging around the clubs.” Um… let’s stop right there. Jamie has groupies? Seriously?!? Ladies, stop it. If you are a Jamie Kennedy groupie, you really need to aim higher. Beyond the groupie thing (which I still don’t buy), I could see Jennifer having a problem with Jamie going on stand-up tours. I mean, that’s a lot of time away. If she did complain, I don’t really blame her.

And finally, In Touch Weekly is the only tabloid that is running with the story that Jamie is actually “desperate” to get back with Love. Apparently, Jamie was really close to proposing when Love dumped him (because she was tired of waiting for him to propose, ironically), and now he’s in “shock”.

My take? I’m guessing parts of these reports are true. I think Jamie probably had some very friendly relationships with a couple of girls, but he probably wasn’t cheating. And yet, those relationships were enough to drive Love crazy, so she got all jealous and territorial, and she ended up driving him away. But now that he’s gone, she doesn’t really miss him. That’s just my guess!

Sidenote: Look at her shoes! I want them.


Jennifer Love on March 20 in LA, credit: RIV/Fame Pictures.

Dina Lohan can’t stop making “crazyface” even for a good cause



Okay, I really didn’t want to bash Dina Lohan. Just know that at the start. Because I actually think she’s promoting a really cool product. Dina recently signed on to promote this thing called the “UTC Aquafree toothbrush” which is specially designed to use less water than traditional brush-toothpaste combinations. Which in and of itself isn’t bad for the developed world - but this toothbrush will be used in developing nations, countries where people don’t have access to clean drinking water, or basic hygiene essentials. Which is a huge deal. Here’s more about the product:

If you’ve picked up a glossy magazine or scanned a celebrity gossip blog then you’ve seen then name Lohan in the headlines. From Lindsay’s appearances at Fashion Week to the reality series “Living Lohan,” the family isn’t shy about courting attention from the press. Mom Dina Lohan isn’t the first person you think of when mulling over dental care, but she showed up anyway to tout the “Aqua Freedom Lohan Brush” at the Go Green Expo in New York City today.

Created by UTC Aquafree, the toothbrush works on a cartridge system that supplies liquid toothpaste to the brush head. According to a press release, the system was created in part for people that don’t have access to clean water.

Dina Lohan says she was inspired to back the product because of her daughter, Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay worked on a documentary about child trafficking in India and relayed stories to her mother. Dina recalled, “She saw the devastation and there was no drinking water…there was no running water, and if there was, there was obviously no drinking water.”

UTC Aquafree and Dina Lohan aren’t just pushing for the toothbrush to be used in the slums of India, but your bathroom as well! They claim that the Aqua Freedom Green Lohan Brush can save the average user over two gallons of water a day.

[From Tainted Green]

So, good for Dina, right? Sure. But why can’t I stop laughing? Maybe because when Dina went out Friday for the UTC Aquafree event, she wouldn’t stop making the craziest faces ever. These photos are only a minimal collection of Dina’s Crazyface. At least we now know where Lindsay gets it, right? Sure, Lindsay’s Crazy face (also known as Crackface) is partly because of the drugs and alcohol. But now we know part of it is genetic!

Here’s more Crazyface Senior:




Dina Lohan in NY for the launch of “UTC Aquafree” on March 19, 2010. Credit: WENN.