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Miley Cyrus: People See Me Differently


Miley Cyrus : People see me differently.

Miley Cyrus, like any teenager (and apparently every other celebrity), continually struggles with bullying and self-confidence issues. The actress-slash-singer insists that the nasty tabloid rumors and cruel comments from critics that celebs suffer from can be just as vicious as the jerks we average people deal with.

Describing the media’s sting, Miley explains that, “the nasty things people write about me is a different form of bullying, but sometimes it feels like I’m right back at school. It’s horrible when you see nasty things written about you, especially when so much of it is made up.”

“People see me differently because I’m in the public eye,” she goes on, “They see me on TV and think that nothing like bullying has happened in my life, but it has.”

So how does she overcome this tabloid torment? By reminding herself that she isn’t a normal person and doesn’t really have anything to complain about: “…I just think about all the positive things in my life. I focus on my work and I think to myself, next week, I’m going to London, Paris or Italy.”

Ya. Okay, I’ll just do that next time I get a wedgie at recess.

But really, anyone can employ smiley Miley’s strategy for optimism—gorgeous, rich globetrotting superstar or not. “Just think about whatever makes you happy!”
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