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Kevin Eubanks Leaves Jay Leno ?

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Yes, Kevin Eubanks can leave Jay Leno.

Kevin Eubanks plans to part ways from Jay Leno. But why does he want to quit now? Is it because of the ratings struggle that left Conan O'Brien out of a job and killed Leno's image?

Eubanks has been with Leno since 1992 and has led the band -- first 'The Tonight Show' band and then the Primetime Band when Jay moved to the short-lived 10 PM show -- since 1995.

Although the jazz guitarist plans to return with Leno to 'The Tonight Show' on March 1, he ultimately wants to leave the series. "Kevin has expressed interest in pursuing personal touring and recording opportunities," an NBC source told Inside TV.

We don't really believe this. In his wishes, Eubanks sounds like a politician -- he needs "a change," so he's moving on. But like a politician, in most matters, Eubanks must have an ulterior motive.

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