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Jennifer Aniston's Home: Wonderful or Depressing ?


Jennifer Aniston's Home what kind of message give to us: Depressing or Wonderful ?

Yesterday we heard that Jennifer Aniston was gracing the pages of the March issue of Architectural Digest with photos from inside her newly remodeled home in the Hollywood Hills. People Magazine seemed to think it was a big deal that Aniston replaced his and her tubs in the master bathroom with a spa quality tub (for a “single” person), but it sounded like a sensible move to me. Kaiser sent me a link to the scans of the article posted at Jezebel and I was kind of floored by Aniston’s decorating sense and not in a good way. Let me just say that I love modern, somewhat sparse design and Asian-inspired furnishing. (Think Design Within Reach. Brad Pitt's Home is way too empty.)

Aniston’s “Bali inspired” home is filled with dark, heavy furniture and earthtones. Overall I think it looks a little too 1970s. Some of the furniture overpowers the room, like the giant lamps in the bedroom and the purple plush chairs in a living room. The view is beautiful though and it looks comfortable and well laid out for entertaining. It’s just not to my taste, but it probably looks much better, and much more impressive, in person.

Jezebel posted these photos with big yellow arrows to add some snarky comments that make fun of Aniston’s tabloid persona. It’s not a critique on Aniston so much as on the way she’s been characterized as a sad sap by the media. Some commenters found it tasteless and offensive, but I think Jezebel was just poking fun at the way a very rich, contented woman is being characterized. My favorite comment is this one. “Here is where Jen sits and waits for her phone to ring. Even though this exquisite room has a beautiful view of the lanai, she always turns her back on the foliage, because it reminds her of how much Brad liked to smoke weed.”

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