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Taylor Swift and John Mayer Dating Rumors

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Taylor Swift and John Mayer dating rumors continue to grow.

Well, we have even more evidence that Taylor Swift is making a huge mistake with her dating life. As we’ve reported before, it’s looking more and more like Swifty dumped Taylor Lautner and began quietly, secretly dating John Mayer, douche extraordinaire. The latest evidence comes out of Nashville, where Mayer and Keith Urban were filming an episode of VH1’s Crossroads, and Taylor came to Nashville to sing a few songs or something. While Mayer and Swift were in Nashville, it seems they went out on another date.

Good Lord, I hope Swifty’s mom nips this in the bud. But that might not work - I know that at that age - well, younger actually, hearing that mom didn’t approve of a dude made him more exotic. What needs to happen is for Swifty’s friends, her business team, and the public at large to tell Swifty unequivocally that a dalliance with Mayer would ruin her reputation, and she would never be able to wash the stench of smug douche off.

My guess is that Mayer still fancies himself a comedian, and he still thinks that whatever farts out of his mouth is so profound, so inherently hysterical, so “deep” that us mere peasants cannot even fathom the hilarity and profundity. Nevermind that he’s racist. Nevermind that when an interview doesn’t go his way, he threatens sodomy. Nevermind that Mayer might also have his eye on Kate Hudson. Actually, that last one might work. Swifty won’t like it if Mayer has his eye on another blonde. Somebody tell her!

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