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Mel Gibson and His Girl Friend Was Spotted At Premiere


Mel Gibson and his girl friend Oksana Grigorieva were spotted at premiere of Mel's last movie The Edge of Darkness.

These are photos of Mel Gibson and his girlfriend/baby-mama Oksana Grigorieva attending the premiere of The Edge of Darkness, Mel’s latest film. Call me crazy, but I actually think Oksana looks really, really pretty. Maybe she stopped doing whatever to her face? Maybe pregnancy made her look weird/different? I don’t know. But she looks rather lovely here. She has a gorgeous profile. Mel looks… yeah, like Mel. Like he’s wearing crazy pants. Like his soul is wearing crazy pants.

Meanwhile, this film is Mel’s first starring role since Signs, and as some may have noticed, Mel has been doing his publicity rounds with his patented hint of crazy - even telling Hello Magazine that he sleeps with a gun and that, in this day and age, you have to “tooled up”.

My Lord, Hollywood is full of forgiving people. Maybe they’re all in denial? Maybe they don’t want to believe that Mel says stuff like “Jews are responsible for all of the wars.” I always believed he said that. And I believe that he means it too, drunk or sober. But I also kind of understand how someone could describe Mel as their “favorite anti-Semite”. It’s not like he’s goose-stepping around refusing to even look Jews in the eye. He works with Jews every day, and he probably has many Jewish friends. And yet, he still holds those anti-Semitic feelings, you know. He is so complicated!
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