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Happy New Years


We celebrate all of your new year as the Hollywood Hot Gossips.

We hope that you'll continue to follow us in the new year. There will be more gossip, more celebrity news and more photos on the Hollywood Hot Gossips.

Happy New Years.

Whitney Houston Drugs Problem


There's a gossip about Whitney Houston that use drugs again.

According to some sources, singer's friends really worried about her because she continuing to drink and drugs.

Although she fighting against drugs for years, still not get a complete success. Whitney Houston still live a trouble life and still don't seems to pull oneself together.

Miranda Kerr: Sexy Pictures

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New photographs of  beautiful model Miranda Kerr was published in Ralph. 

Miranda looks very  attractive and she showed everyone that has a great body.

Click on the images for Miranda Kerr.            


Lisa Bonet Was Seen in Venice California.

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 Lisa Bonet was seen with her boyfriend(Jason Momoa) and daughter(Zoe Isabella Kravitz) in Venice, California.

Lisa Bonet was wearing his hat again as usual and she looked great. 

By the way, Jason Momoa's new movie Stargate Extinction will be available in 2010


Charlie Sheen is in a Trouble


We are continuing to provide the latest entertainment news.
Charlie Sheen is in a trouble.

According to the learning of TMZ,  the Pitkin County Department of Social Services aware of the incident between the Brooke and Sheen. That's why, Charlie can get into trouble. 

We will follow developments on the subject.

Lindsay Lohan Was Seen While She Shopping

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Beautiful star Lindsay Lohan was spotted while she shopping in the N.Y.

Lindsay tried on different type clothes and shoes. Everybody already know that she is a trendy person. She is one of the best trendy person in the hollywood.

The day before Lindsay Lohan went to York Islanders - New York Rangers hockey match with her family.

The Situation of the Stripper

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Mike Sorrentino who dubbed as "The Situation" nickname on the Jersey Shore reality show on the MTV, has involved in a scandal.

According to TMZ Mike was a member of "All American Male" and working as a stripper in the parties before the being  star of  the MTV.

If you look above picture, you'll understand that he was spending great time with the girls.

Rihanna Was Spotted in Her Homeland Barbados


Rihanna was seen in the Barbados where she went for the holiday. 

Sexy singer looked really fascinating with her sexy pink swimsuit. Surroundings couldn't take their eyes from on the beautiful singer.

After that, Rihanna enjoyed with her friends at the bar on the beach.

Sienna Miller And Jude Law : Romantic Holiday

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Sienna Miller and Jude Law were seen at the beaches of Barbados on Sunday morning(today).

The couple live a romantic vacation  with their children and also seemed very happy. They played in the sand and spend great time together.

By the way, a news from hollywood. Sharlock Holmes was a great success and has made $25 million turnover. After the successful film Sharlock Holmes, they seems to have a celebration together.

Charlie Sheen's Wife Drunk Dailing 911

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Charlie Shenn's wife Brooke Muller incorrectly criminated someone when she drunk. Now, she reject to talk with police around her accusal.

"It isn't uncommon where a dupe in the hurt of an event says some things and thenceforth the story seems to change," Chief Deputy D.A. Arnold Mordkin told reporters yesterday. 

Next court date on February 8th. I guess this time she can be in problem.

Jon Cosselin Runs Up in Rent Money to Hailey Glassman

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Nowadays John Cosselin lives a trouble life. His ex-wife Hailey Glassman states that he owes to her about $90.000. It' really huge number and expect other depts.

Maybe it's one of the hottest hollywood gossip right now. He didn't pay monthly child support payment and debt was accumulated.

Now, Hailey Glassman moved out home which in N.Y because John didn't pay lease money.

He still don't working, although this events occuring quickly.